PC: Yes

Class: Gunner

Personality: Hostile and violent. He often speaks in allcaps and leetspeak, with frequent misspellings and personal insults thrown around, to the point where anything he says is neigh-incomprehensible, though it's a safe bet that he's insulting you.

Tactics: His tactics are almost impossible for a lot of players to grasp, since they tend to involve a strong intuitive sense about how to handle any situation. He stands out from the other great five, who all have a very good sense of the long game, by seeming to just barrel through each challenge until he wins. This often leads to dramatic comebacks from what seemed to be a point of sure defeat, though its happened enough at this point that the drama of such events is debatable. It's unknown whether 2SMKBRRLS is doing this on purpose, and the topic is a source of much debate on various forums. Either way, he is surprisingly and devastating effective, some say more dangerous than any of the other great five in personal combat, though this too is the subject of much debate.

Countermeasures: Use another one of the great five. Get him so angry that he physically breaks his computer trying to play. Other than that, it's pretty hopeless. Despite his apish attitude and simplistic demeanor, he is a very good player, and probably out of your league.


Trivia: Plays the gunner class pretty much exclusively. Whether this is because he is able to exploit one or more of the gunner's unique features in a way no one else can or because he just doesn't have the patience to scroll down to the other choices is a question for the ages.