Biblical Cannon

The Biblical Cannon, as it's name implies, is a rather large and impressive cannon with divine properties. Due to its enormous size, it is an excellent device chosen by many a POLITICIAN to COMPENSATE for certain shortcomings.

The cannon itself calls upon the might of its God to generate a large cannonball which it fires forth with a burst of Sacred Flame. The cannonball is highly inaccurate, and therefore almost entirely useless against individual foes, and is primarily used in the siege of structures. Although the Biblical Cannon does receive bonus damage against structures, it is not very useful in destroying them. Rather, it deals localized damage used to break through walls and create additional entrances into or out of the structure. Although there are recorded incidents of Biblical Cannon firings used to destroy castles or assault mobilized armies, they are rather ineffective at these tasks and will not succeed at them without specialized aid or in certain situations (such as in games with altered laws of physics).