A Blademaster about to unleash Bladestorm

Unlocked From: While packaged with the original game, and unlockable by [MESSAGE REDACTED | ENJOY GENCOLA], it can also be unlocked by installing Blades and Battlecries.

Role: A more pure melee class than the Soldier, the Blademaster (or Blademistress, as it is sometimes known), can always be found in the front lines, carving a swath through enemies.


Countermeasures: Blademasters rely heavily on their CALIBRATING CLAYMORE, which they can only charge if there are a lot of weak foes around. Deny them those foes, and they become much weaker.

Trivia: Each stance and attack has an exact number of 3 classes that are perfect for countering it, but many classes beyond that are still capable of overcoming various moves.

Meta: SM is a blademaster (with Caddybear as her squire).