This is how Caddybear gets punished for bad behavior

PC: No

Shadowbear: Yes

Personality: A tortured soul, he was drawn into the world of politics at an early age by a neglectful parent, he started reading political magazines, and getting news from [Message redacted, ENJOY GENCOLA]. His life was a torrent of madness and political anonymity. He has since been saved from his horrible fate by SM who he now follows and serves as a Caddie. He is intensely loyal to her and bearates other shadowbears who continue being evil.

Tactics: Passing off swords to people

Countermeasures: Engage in one on one combat

Quotes: "Yo."
"Yes, my lady!"

Trivia: He is quite the DJ, and his hands have recently become light instead of dark.

Spoiler Alert: He is currently deceased.