Calibrating Claymore
SM using a calibrating claymore.

Used By: Blademaster

Classification: Permanent, Charged

Uses: The calibrating claymore is a powerful edged weapon available to the Blademaster class.

Obtaining: From the start of the game, a Blademaster gains rhythm as they kill enemies. Once they have at least one rhythm, a meter appears below them displaying how much rhythm they've gained (and one can extrapolate the maximum rhythm they can gain based on the length of the bar). The Blademaster can opt to grab onto this display meter and use it as a sword. This sword is the calibrating claymore.

Countermeasures: The claymore is more powerful the more charged it is with rhythm. However, every strike with it uses up one point of rhythm, and they may use up more if the Blademaster is using special attacks. Therefore, you should keep your weaker fighters out of the way so that the Blademaster can't gain more rhythm to recharge their claymore. If your strongest fighters can survive the initial onslaught, or if you have enough mid-level fighters that the Blademaster can't fend them off well enough to build up a decent charge, then the Blademaster should quickly fall.