This is a list of player classes in GenGame. It is by no means complete.

Biomancer, a minion-based class known for its combo capabilities.
Blademaster, a master of swords that can even take on a squire.
Crystalopher, someone that makes somewhat mechanical minions with psionic power
Dreamsnatcher, able to enter their opponents' dreams and REALITIFY them.
Electromancer, an electricity specialist.
Evil Overlord
Exorcist, adept at fighting and binding spirits
Gunner, a generic ranged attacker.
Hero, an action-based class with multiple genres to choose from.
Hivemind, a class that becomes more powerful the more of them there are.
Illusionist, master of trickery and falsehood
Madcrafter, a class that is unrivaled in upgrading people and minions alike.
Mage, master of arcane secrets.
Mechanist, a class that specializes in fixing and building things.
Medic, a generic healer class.
Medium, a psychic class able to channel spirits
Mortis Lord, a fusion of the Necromancer and Madcrafter classes.
Naturalist, friend of nature and all the beasts that live in it.
Necromancer, able to raise the dead as their servants
Normalguy, a normal guy
Physikiller, able to change physical laws.
Priest, a class harnessing the magic of gods.
Psion, the classic psychic class.
Scout, a mobile class adept at information gathering and skirmishes.
Shapeshifter, able to transform into a wide variety of monsters.
Sniper, able to attack enemies from far outside their reach.
Soldier, a melee/leader hybrid able to lead from the front.
Spy, a sneaky class able to change genres at a moment's notice.
Teleking, able to telekinesis anything by spending TIME INCREMENTS.
Thief, a sneaky class that steals things.