Clockwork Minion

A subtype of minion, typically created from blueprints by mechanists or certain other classes.

Technically speaking, a Clockwork Minion is just a minion with the "Clockwork" type, but Clockwork Minions typically share other traits beyond those bundled into the "Clockwork" type. Most Clockwork Minions are able to equip a certain number of small weapons. Many such minions can use several small weapons slots to equip medium or larger weaponry, but this is typically restricted unless the minion is of a certain size itself. Beyond these rules, a Clockwork Minion behaves as any unit who is both Clockwork and a minion might, following orders and being generally inorganic.

To create a Clockwork Minion1 you need both a blueprint and a [[[Core]], as well as a healthy supply of Scrap Metal. Each blueprint permits the creation of a certain type of Clockwork Minion, and requires a certain number of Cores to complete (typically one, but some more powerful minions require more). The blueprint will also specify the amount of Scrap Metal required to construct the minion, but typically this is irrelevant if you are able to construct a Dispenser2. Once you have the blueprint, the Cores(s), and the Scrap Metal, you simply use the blueprint as an item and it automatically crafts the Clockwork Minion from the required materials. This process takes time, and sometimes it may prompt you with a choice during the creation process, such as "which Core would you like to use?" as some Cores grant bonuses to minions created with them, etc. After that, the minion is automatically named and becomes a unit in and of itself. Viola!