Critical Hits
The sad thing is, BH did deal double damage here
You deal double damage!

A classic mechanic to most games involving number-based combat, a Critical Hit doubles the damage of an attack. It important to note that some damage-reducing powers will reduce incoming damage before the critical hit multiplier is applied, and others after. When large numbers are involved, this can turn a devastating blow into a minor scratch, or vise versa.

Each weapon or ability has an inherent "Critical Chance" measured as a percentage. This percentage determines how likely an attack or effect is to score a Critical Hit, and is referred to by the system each time a target is hit. Note that for AoE (Area of Effect) attacks, this means that any given target may or may not suffer a Critical Hit, irrelevant of how the other targets of the attack fare. Also note that ALL abilities have a Critical Chance, even those which normally do not deal damage. This is largely irrelevant, as an attack dealing zero damage is essentially uneffected by a Critical Hit, but certain non-damaging powers have rather high Critical Chances, and if buffed or improved to somehow deal damage, this can lead to devastating synergies.