Destructive Digger

Used By: Mechanist

Classification: Minion, terrain altering

Uses: Capable of moving undetected through the ground, or altering the terrain, is only able to equip one small weapon at medium size, or a medium weapon at large size. However, it is quite capable of lifting or even throwing boulders, and is often equipped with no weapons for use of minimum command slots. Unfortunately, even mountain sized boulders do very little damage if not dropped from high enough, and this is therefore a poor choice.

Obtaining: The blueprints to build one are obtained randomly on level up. It becomes harder to obtain at higher levels, as the more powerful blueprints are made easier to obtain.

Countermeasures: The Destructive Digger is unable to move through pools of water, or even underneath. The water needs to be a certain depth, or moving at a certain minimum speed, in order to block the Destructive Digger's movement, but is easily found. For some unknown reason, it is capable of moving through bridges /over/ water anyways.

Trivia: DD #132, a Destructive Digger belonging to one of the many DrWutson fans who are known for following his guides to the letter, and always winding up stumbling, is famous for being the first Destructive Digger to be able to move through water, through a complicated series of glitches. The glitches have not been repeated since, nor has any Destructive Digger capable of moving through water again.