PC: Yes

Class: Medic, also known to play Mechanists, Madcrafters, Biomancers, and a variety of other minion or support based classes.

Personality: DrWutson is somewhat of a legend, and rarely encountered in a game. He is not present in the current game, and his personality is not known. He is one of the Great Five.

Tactics: DrWutson uses various combinations of minion based exploits, and has written several guides on how to optimize your minions, and what combinations or infinite loops can be applied to minions.

Countermeasures: DrWutson uses minions. Anti-minion tactics have proved to be effective against him, but he has a reputation for only ever losing one minion, and that was when it glitched and became infective, and he had to destroy it himself. However, like any of the Great Five, there is no standard countermeasure for facing DrWutson.


Trivia: DrWutson is perhaps the most articulate of the Great Five, his guides are perhaps the easiest to read, having proper grammar and punctuation consistently.