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Did we suddenly stumble into it? :D

Deus Ex by DomochevskyDomochevsky, 28 Feb 2012 10:22

Yeah, separating the wiki would spread it thin, but it may encourage more editing?
We'll try to fill in more content to make it worthwhile.

And it would be easier early. Maybe. Less to sort through.

Re: Meta Page - Needs content by FlabortFlabort, 26 Dec 2011 17:02

Not really. If you're careful and pay attention, almost none of the pages we have actually require references to the comic. Even the classes don't reference our "heroes." It shouldn't be a problem, it's mostly a question of how we want to refer to things.

I have no objections to Flabort's plan if he feels like implementing it. It's a fine system if we can get it to work.

Re: Meta Page - Needs content by CharidanCharidan, 12 Dec 2011 18:08

Hm, i'm actually not really sure if we want to make this type of separation just yet, due to the amount of content available. Might spread what we have so far too thin, if we put this "meta" gap inbetween.

So, something like "Any text following the title Meta within a page's content refers to the comic 'Let's Play GenGame'; Pages may be marked with the Meta tag to denote that their entire content refers to the comic. Pages describing characters, or such, are examples of such content. The following is a list of all pages with Meta content:"?

And then I put titles and tags on such pages?

Re: Meta Page - Needs content by FlabortFlabort, 30 Nov 2011 20:24

I guess that would work, but also note that I have admin access now and so I fixed the forums to actually function. This page may be obsolete, but if you want to do a things with references here that could work. You seem to have a good idea, so roll with it.

Re: Meta Page - Needs content by CharidanCharidan, 29 Nov 2011 20:07

So, I'm guessing the meta page is to talk about segregation and separation of Comic specific stuff from the fictional Game it's set in?

So, one thing we should include on that page is a list of pages in which comic specific stuff is mentioned?

Meta Page - Needs content by FlabortFlabort, 21 Nov 2011 22:47

Haven't we seen #03 and/or #04 speaking before? I vaguely remember them talking mess about #05 and #03 was definitely engaged in some noir-style shenanigans on the train.

Talking by DomochevskyDomochevsky, 13 Sep 2011 16:51

Hm, i'm kinda tending towards "duh". It's not like the linking is currently so complex that it can't be adjusted.

Meanwhile, i'm pondering the feasibility of adding shadowrun manual type character commentary to various pages, for that added bit of roleplaying. Might be too much for a wiki, though.

Re: Meta-Data Handling by DomochevskyDomochevsky, 13 Sep 2011 16:48

Alright, I'll start shuffling things over someday. In the meantime, should we leave some kind of link behind that takes you to the appropriate page(s) with corresponding meta, or should we just have it be a "well duh" rule of the forum that meta-data is on the character pages (there are only six of them)?

Re: Meta-Data Handling by CharidanCharidan, 13 Sep 2011 14:29

Well… I'll splice in the word "temporarily." I don't mean the cuts the nerves off, I mean it steals the electrical signals so you don't lope off at a full run in your bedroom. Otherwise the device would have to wire directly into the core of your brain to find your thought-signals, interpret them, and then try to reproduce those thoughts as actions, but not the thoughts about doing, the though-moves. I guess that makes sense functionally, but that would require surgical implantation of neurocontacts that wire into specific parts of your brain to have physical contact with several of the nerves inside your brain. That means in order to play GenGame you would have to have extensive surgery in advance, and given how casually our characters have picked up the game, I wanted to try something that could still make sense without requiring multi-thousand dollar highly-invasive high-risk surgery. Even assuming medical technology is awesome for this, they'd be SHOVING METAL INTO YOUR BRAIN. Dude.

The most arguable point of a neurocontroller helmet that interrupts brain motor function to the rest of the body is that it would actually prevent motion in the rest of the body (proven non-occurring by SM) and that it's hella scary. I figured the hella scary was acceptable because this is GenCo, but I guess I do need to change that a bit to match the first few episodes "arrgh I can't stand" plotline.

Re: Interruption? by CharidanCharidan, 13 Sep 2011 14:26

Hm… yeah, i suspect that we will need to move this data to specific character pages (which could use fleshing out anyway for pretty much everyone), with anything that has a name counting as character. (I think MG's minions could count as a group on their own, all fitting onto one page. Alternatively they can be used to flesh out HER page. It's not like it's gonna get super long with just that stuff.)

Re: Meta-Data Handling by DomochevskyDomochevsky, 02 Sep 2011 03:14

I kinda doubt that the interface interrupts the connectivity to the rest of the body, as that would paralyze the user. It probably just hooks into the apropriate streams (reading them as they pass along while you don't think about thinking about moving while you don't move as you think… uh… something). :)

Interruption? by DomochevskyDomochevsky, 02 Sep 2011 03:10

I couldn't find a more global place to discuss this, but I want to set up a policy for the handling of "meta-data", by which I mean wiki entries specifically referencing the comic and events that transpired within BH's game. While I appreciate the wealth of knowledge we can store and reference this way, I was under the impression that we were trying to create *the* GenWiki from inside GenWorld (or whatever you want to call it) and have been trying to keep the Roleplaying barrier intact to avoid metagaming. Metaposting? I think you know what I mean.

So anyways, the point of the matter is that we need to develop a policy for how to handle meta-data when it emerges, as it has here in the Clockwork Crawler with a list of MGs minions which, ignoring the minor factual and grammatical errors, is completely inappropriate for a GenGame wiki, as the wiki would not know or care about who MG is or what she's doing in one particular game. Even the Great Five don't have wiki space reserved to catalog each and every game they've played and what class they were and what minions they had (praise the Gods!) so MG definitely have that level of cult following.

What do we want to do with meta-data? Given that this is, in a meta-way, all about BH, MG, and SM, I don't want to "outlaw" such meta-data entirely, but I do want to control it and keep the general wiki untainted by its metaness to maintain the roleplaying illusion that we really are in GenWorld and this really is the GenWiki for the game.

Hopefully all meta-data will be directly related to characters, and therefore we can lump that into their character pages? It makes sense for the list of MGs minions to appear on the MG page (even though it doesn't make sense to have that page in the first place from a strict roleplaying view, but we're gonna have that page just because we're us) and then we don't have to worry about handling meta-data anywhere else. Think that'll work? Any other ideas on what we should do with meta-data?

Meta-Data Handling by CharidanCharidan, 01 Sep 2011 20:54

I saved the original content of this article in case people still want to make use of it. A real article should probably be done at some point.

Cropping up all over in the current match, their the reason the team has not gained control of their mechanofortress yet.

the mysterious JH observed a higher concentration of distortions at his enemy's mechanofortress than anywheres else.

"The only way to cause those would be… Well, there's no way this team has THAT, so it must be some bug."

In theory, something SM, BH, or MG has may have caused the abundance all over.

However, there are plenty of glitches to see everywhere now.

Original content by averagejoeaveragejoe, 16 Jul 2011 23:12

Orbital Laser Cannon has no levels, cannot move, and cannot be captured. It charges at every capture by any of your pieces. It fires off at the 10th charge, removing all counters and wiping out one piece and everything on adjacent squares, with exception to GenKing, GenCola, and level 5 or above pieces.

GenCola moves as a king, but can level any non-royal unit adjacent to it rather than moving. Level 5 GenPawns may become GenCola.

GenDamsel is worth 5 levels if captured, moves as a king, and can become an orbital laser cannon at level 2 with one free blast.

GenPrince moves as a GenCastle and is promoted to GenKing if GenKing dies.

GenJoker moves as crow, but can instakill any royalty piece of equal or lower level at the cost of itself. Starts at level 0. GenPawns may become a level 0 GenJoker at level 5.

GenKnight moves as regular knight. At level 5 it can be promoted to GenCastle. If a GenKnight captures GenDragon, it becomes a level 10 GenPrince. GenPawns may be promoted to GenKnights at level 3.

GenDragon moves as crow, but in any direction and can capture any piece in its radius. If GenDragon captures GenDamsel, it becomes an Orbital Laser Cannon with a free blast. Level 5 GenCrows may become GenDragons but become level 1.

GenPAwns may become a level 1 GenCrow at level 3.

My guess on the GenCrow is that it can move up to Level*3 in any lateral direction (Like a real Rook, but not as far), and skip over any and all peices, making it a very powerful peice, but cannot capture that way. It must capture by moving a single space, diagonally.
GenCastle can move the same way, but cannot skip over pieces, and cannot move diagonally, ever. Instead, it captures as a real Rook.

GenPawn's movement doesn't change as it gains levels. Instead, the pieces it can change into when it gets far enough increase.

Peices level up based on… how many pieces they've captured. So a GenCola that's captured two pieces is a level three GenCola.

These things are purely theoretical, and so haven't been put into the wikipage itself yet.

Oooh, just discovered this feature!

Basically this is all the expansions I found in the thread (though I might have missed some). All of this is reader-submitted stuff. If a number was included when the reader mentioned it, I included that number here, but if not then I didn't. To be clear: I collected all this, I didn't make any of it up. I'm not really willing to make up stuff that's not in-comic, so anyone who wants can fill in the numbers, add more expansions, and so on. Some of the expansions introduced certain classes/quests/locations, which I may post when I get around to it, but you should also be able to find them just by doing a thread search for the expansion name.

Explanations by averagejoeaveragejoe, 24 Apr 2011 19:01

She is a blademaster.

Re: Soldier? by averagejoeaveragejoe, 24 Apr 2011 18:45

I apologize. I believed that SM was playing a Soldier. If you happen to be aware of her class, and therefore the class to which the Claymore is available, I would request that you make appropriate changes.

Re: Soldier? by RockrurrRockrurr, 24 Apr 2011 00:34
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