GenBodies (not to be confused with GenPlants) is the umbrella term used to reference GenCorp's various lines of Human Genetic Modifications, an unacceptably specific (i.e. non-generic) descriptor. "GenBodies" typically refers to entire humans enhanced with genetic modifications, but can also refer to individual limbs grown and grafted onto existing creatures (usually humans). The GenMermaid project has so far proven fairly successful, but, as the name suggests, it is only viable for female candidates. Normal limb grafts usually retain 65% to 90% functionality of a natural limb. Unfortunately, this includes the superhuman potential most GenBody limbs, as these properties are usually mostly lost due to host incompatibility complications which have not yet been fully understood. If the genetic alterations are applied to a fetus, the resulting organism usually retains 110% to 130% human physical ability, plus or minus any mutations resulting from an introduction of non-human DNA (Such as giant bat wings. Added flight, but lowered dexterity? This is generally considered a "plus" even though we're not supposed to judge those cases.). However, the mental abilities of these offspring is generally complicated to understand. Some develop telepathic or other extrasensory abilities, some seem just plan stupid or mute, and most live with a feeling of terror of the scientists or smug superiority so severe as to render them relatively useless. More severe persuasion methods are being researched, but so far no progress has been made.