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GenCola can refer to any of a series of drinks produced by GenCorp, or the drinks in the series collectively. Every scientist to have ever done research on GenCola has found that it is linked to increased happiness, increased satisfaction, increased coolness, increased aptitude in all areas of life, and many other benefits. It is because of GenCola that the Nobel Prize committee decided to include a category for deliciousness. So far GenCola is the only holder of this award. GenCola comes in over twenty flavors, and all of them are super delicious.


GenCola was not the creation of any one man. The labor involved many chemists, chefs, wine tasters, bartenders, biologists, and other professionals, all hired by GenCorp to create the ultimate soft drink. After two and a half years of hard work, they succeeded. Since then, GenCola has been the number one selling item in the world.

A year after GenCola Original came out (then called simply GenCola), GenCorp came out with Cherry GenCola and Lemon GenCola. Since then GenCola has come out with many delicious and amazing flavors, and GenCorp is always coming out with more. Each new flavor became as popular as any of the flavors that came before it, which is to say they became immensely popular. Currently there are 24 flavors. The Next Generation of GenCola has been announced, introducing a new set of eight flavors (because all GenCola generations have eight flavors) but currently these flavors only exist within the virtual realm of GenGame. It is widely suspected that the names were simply excuses to have the in-game flavors grant inexplicable powers to those who drink them, and some rumors exist that real-life versions of these flavors may never be released at all.

Since its creation and introduction, GenCola has become a world phenomenon. There is currently no one in the world who doesn't know what GenCola is, and every one of them thinks its delicious. Five years after GenCola came out, it was used to end all wars on Earth. Half a year after this, a war broke out over which flavor of GenCola was the most delicious, and since then there have been many bloody and violent conflicts over this, including the Great GenCola War that was waged across most continents.

GenCola remains the most popular food item in the world, with every individual GenCola flavor tied for first. You should go buy some right now!


The advertisements for GenCola are and have always been 100% factual, in every way honest, and conform to all known moral and ethical guidelines.


This is a chronological list of all flavors of GenCola, separated by the generally agreed upon eras of GenCola flavor creation/marketing. They are all delicious.

Classic Flavors

  • GenCola Original
  • Cherry GenCola
  • Lemon GenCola
  • Grapple GenCola
  • Lime GenCola
  • Lemon/Lime GenCola
  • Mr. GenCola, M.D.
  • Condition One GenCola Dew1

Second Generation (Extreme) Flavors

  • High Voltage Vanilla GenCola
  • Kick Boxing Boysenberry GenCola
  • Zero Gravity Grape GenCola
  • Falling Out Of A Plane Pineapple GenCola
  • Punching The Heavens Honeydew GenCola
  • Megaton Missile Mango GenCola
  • Super Headbutt Huckleberry GenCola
  • Bananabomb Blackout GenCola

Current Generation (Party/Emotional) Flavors

  • Pear Kumquat Delirium GenCola
  • Unbidden Tangoberry Secret Surprise GenCola
  • Jazzy Pomegranate Bubblegum Dance GenCola
  • Heavenly Tangerine Apricot Joy GenCola
  • Banana-Raspberry Rumpus Rumble GenCola
  • Fierce Garbanzo Kiwi Battle GenCola
  • Sweet Dreams Drupe Midnight GenCola
  • Zephyrus Chocolate Mint Delight GenCola

Next Generation (Alliterative Animal Ability) Flavors

  • Racing Rabbit GenCola
  • Observant Ovoraptor GenCola
  • Sneaky Snake GenCola
  • Jumping Jackal GenCola
  • Bashing Bear GenCola
  • Climbing Crab GenCola
  • Flipping Flamingo GenCola2
  • Gliding Gibbon GenCola3