GenCola (Item)

If you wished to see to physical yet equally delicious Gencola of GenCorp, click here.

A happy customer who knows how important it is to have their thirst quenched by Gencola, even during a pitched battle!

Used By: Everyone who likes to enjoy things.

Classification: Disposable, but the joy of it remains with you forever.

Uses: Provides essential healing and stat boosts that are customized, because you are an individual and you should express yourself by drinking GenCola. Can also be used for deliciousness. The stat boosts mirror perfectly the real life stat boosts you get from drinking real life GenCola. There are also some specialty brands that were researched, but never released to the public, which explode.

Obtaining: GenCola is conveniently located in the many vending machines that are scattered throughout the game world. It costs a few monies, but the investment is well worth it. Please note that the vending machines are indestructible, except in certain triggered game events, and trying to circumvent paying is quite useless. As useless as it is to try and circumvent paying for real life GenCola!

Countermeasures: There is no countermeasure for a player who's drinking GenCola. The only way is to buy more GenCola than them!

Trivia: Drinking GenCola in game has been scientifically linked to increased happiness and a decrease in cancer risk!

Use of the GenCola item makes your friends think you're cool.

Every flavor of GenCola can be found in game. Collect all of them to get a super secret boost!

GenGame tournament champions MasterMined and 2SMKNBRRLS are quoted as saying their secret for success is buying as much GenCola, in and out of game, as possible.