GenCorp is the megacorporation which owns much (if not all) of the GenGame world. They take great pride in secrecy, so do not attempt to reveal secrets or rumors such as [Message Redacted | Enjoy GenCola!]


GenCorp (Or as it was originally called "Generic Homes Incorporated") was founded late in the year two thousand and twelve by a man by the name of Bob Finklesteen as a one-man real-estate Agency based around the buying and selling of fairly generic-looking homes with no real special features. Things did not look well for Bob or GHI in the early days, as the fad of owning large, luxurious or even remotely located houses was still in its prime at the time. But like most fads, it did fade away within several years of GHI's founding, and Bob's business soon skyrocketed as more and more people began to realize those large and overpriced homes they had been living in for the past several years were simply too much, and decided they would be much more content in an ordinary square two-story building. As demand for these new generic homes went up, Bob quickly found his limited supply dwindling more and more each day, as he had not planned for such a sudden increase in his generic-looking houses. It was then, while pondering what he was going to do with so much demand and so little supply, that Bob met his first employee and future wife, Mary Fairweather. A woman of many trades who just so happened to be a member of an underpaid construction union looking for a new contract. With little hesitation, Bob agreed to their requests and hired them on the spot to begin production as soon as possible.

As more and more time passed, Bob's generic home business continued to soar, though like all things, the blueprints for his homes slowly began to change over time. At first it was simply small things such as plumbing arrangements or electrical socket locations, but as Generic homes Incorporated continued to expand, the homes quickly became more and more different with each passing build. And while some people looked down on these newer models, more and more quickly began accepting them as the newer homes increased in number, claiming that the newer forms were "the new generic."

Within twenty years Bob and Mary's homes became the number one selling home across the entirety of North America, Europe, Russia, China and Australia. They became so popular in fact that with the surplus money from his father's enterprise, Bob's first son John was able to buy out the majority of the world's leading soda pop corporations, including both the Coca-Cola and Pepsi corporations (including ALL of their soda flavors), and joining them all under the Generic brand name. With some luck and through experimentation, GenCorp's first GenCola brand was made, and quickly spread to become the worlds most popular soft drink. So proud was Bob of his son's accomplishments, that he began stocking entire mini-fridges with GenCola and giving them out free with the purchase of every Generic Home. Naturally, the father and son duo quickly became highly successful business partners in "Generic Home and Drink Incorporated."

It was not however, until the unfortunate death of Bob Finklesteen at age eighty-three that the corporation that we know and love today began to take shape. With their father dead, John and his brother Dave (Who had been taking the role of Bob's accountant for the past twenty years) took the corporation by the proverbial dark and curlies and began to expand even further. While Dave continued to manage the generic home and cola industries, John and his only son Tom went out into the world in search of new talent and new ideas. It was during this, the largest mass-hiring in GenCorp history, that they discovered brilliant minds such as David Smith, Ashly Hammerton, Terry Astly, and even the man, the voice, the actor, Grouda Hembrean, all willing to lend their aid and their companies to GenCorp's ever growing influence. With their help, GenCorp was able to add Generic Skateboards, Generic music and props, Generic Pets, and GenCorp's third-most successful product, The Gentastic adventures of Tom the Transformer.

Years passed and GenCorp began to grow and grow, expanding into such things as global peacekeeping, grocery, civil protection, orbital habitation centers, and of course, one of it's most popular creations, the wonderful world of GenGame.

GenCorp is now on it's one hundredth generation of Finklesteen ownership, and still continues to grow. Interviews with GenCorp officials reveal hints of future projects such as [Message Redacted | Enjoy GenCola!] and [Message Redacted | Enjoy GenCola!] to make our world an even better place.

Should you wish to learn more about GenCorp's latest activates, search for possible job applications, or even view the official documented timeline of GenCorp's success, please visit www.GenCorp.gen/history.