This page does not have to do with Gengame, but the less-popular-but-just-as-great single player Gencrawl, where the player creates four characters and…
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…It resembles "Genlikes" of old, which in turn are said to resemble the now extinct "Rougelikes" of way before. It is baffling how these games used to use a mechanism called the "Numpad", and failed to be graphical in any sense of the word; Rather, it is baffling why anyone might wish to play such a game.

There are arcade consoles that randomly show up in some Gengame sessions, where NPCs can be seen standing, screens from Gencrawl visible on the arcade console.


Gencrawl begins with the player creating a leader and 3 hires, each with their own skills. They then begin in a tavern and can take on quests, which will inevitably lead to dungeons full of traps, terrors, and treasures.

Gencrawl is known to use many Genlike features, including initiative and turn-based combat.