List of GenExpansions

GenExpansions are the expansions to the original GenGame product. Other than the expansions, many quest packs and DLC has been released. There are over 25 expansions. These include:

1: GenExpansion
2: GenSequel
3: Bladed Badassery
4: Psychic Pshowdown
8: Mechanized Madness and Motorized Mayhem
14: Spooks and Specters
16: Goons and Gremlins
17: Generator of Genomes

(probably 1-11)
War for Antares
Bugs 'n Bolts
Milk and Minds
Clerics and Cream
Kings and Kleavers
Lollypops and Levers
Blades and Battlecries
Virtues and Villainy
Servants and Salutations
Cthonics and Creepers, taken off the market when bad stuff went down.
Psions and Cyberlords
Relics and Races
(Rumored) Bugs ‘n Bolts 2 expansion coming out.