Great Five

The Great Five is a term referring to five legendary Gengame players: nowucme, DrWutson, 2SMKNBRRLS, MisterMined, and SirYessir. The term is generally considered to have originated on the popular Gengame blog Hidden Gens, which, in a post titled "Giants of the Gentournies" referred to "Five Great players who routinely defy all expectations, showing a level of skill that puts them in a field of their own". The term stuck, and the Great Five soon became celebrities among Gengame players, each with blogs dedicated to their exploits, students who study their matches, fans who will ardently support their every decision, and, in some cases, a merchandising line featuring their usernames and avatars. Each of the Great Five is associated with one of the much-maligned base classes, though they all play a variety of expansion classes.

All of the Great Five have written some guides, DrWutson and nowucme in particular are especially known for their guides. 2SMKNBRRLS's guides are all but indecipherable. MisterMined has written but one guide, a brief essay titled "Psionic Strategies", more frequently he assists other guide writers, most famously MissNeuron (Writer of "Knowing it Already: The guide to Precognitive Classes") and The Mentalfist (Writer of "The Court of the Teleking: Mastering Telekinesis"). SirYessir is almost as prolific as DrWutson, with his guides largely dwelling on strategy and tactics, making them less popular than guides for optimizing specific classes.

The Match
The Match, as it's known, was the only time the Great Five ever all played on the same team, in a match against five teams of five, each consisting of top-tier players or developers.