Hit Points

Hit points (sometimes health points, abbreviated HP's) are one of the statistics connected to players and NPC's. If a player or other ingame creature is attacked, they will generally lose hit points unless they are able to defend or avoid the attack in some matter. Once a character has no hit points left, they are dead and the player avatar or NPC can no longer take any actions, unless some measure is taken to revive the character and restore the lost hit points.

In terms of the game's simulation elements, hit points are meant to represent how healthy a character is, or how close to death they are. This is notably imperfect; having low hit points, for example, does not make you weaker or less effective, as injuries would a real person. In fact, unless a player or creature has abilities that depend on how many hit points they have, or have the ability to sacrifice hit points for other effects, they can do anything at one hit point that they could do at full hit points, except, obviously, survive certain attacks.