Hovering Harrier

Used By: Mechanist

Classification: Minion, Mechanical

Uses: Capable of equipping more weapons for it's size category than any other mechanical minion, and capable of flight. A recent patch has made it so only light weapons can be equipped.

Obtaining: The Blueprints to create one are obtained randomly on level up, but are supposedly very rare, and usually obtained more often at higher levels.

Countermeasures: Too much smoke can sometimes be drawn into the engines, rendering the Hovering Harrier immobile.



Two exist at the current time, though one is in the process of reducing this number.

HH#005: "That was so badass"
HH#006: "this SCRUB can't handle the HEAT!" (Nicknamed "Filler minion" due to MG's intent on disposing of it later on to fill up a command slot."