An idiot is someone who is mentally deficient, someone who acts self-destructively, or, most commonly, someone who has an obviously wrong opinion that's different from yours. While the word, "Idiot," is somewhat subjective in application, but the most common overt signs of idiocy are posting opinionated articles on the internet and writing internet guides.


Idiot comes from the Old Genglish word, idios ("person who likes to hear himself speak," "non-GenCorp employee"). Its modern meaning comes from the fifth Gencentury BGC, from the Gennish idiote ("One who was educated outside of the GenEducation system"). In modern GenLanguage, the word describes extreme stupidity. The word was once used by non-GenCorp institutions to describe certain mental afflictions until GenCorp scientists found how wrong they were and set things straight for everyone.

In-Game Effects

The Idiot debuff does not alter your character-state, despite the rumored intelligence drop1 It however, does send GenCoupons to the user's GenAccount for a discount in a GenCorp-approved elementary school. It also marks the user's GenAccount with the "Idiot" label, and prevents any participation in events involving Democracy2

Obtaining the Debuff

Doing anything that is specifically frowned upon by five of the seven included official guides3 for GenGame, such as consuming Spytastic Superglue or sticking one's hand in The Shredifier gives the Idiot debuff.

Curing the Debuff

The Idiot debuff can easily be cured by entering the serial number on a GenCorp-approved elementary school's graduation certificate4 into one's GenAccount.

Modern GenLaw

According to Genal Code 2131, an idiot is defined as, "A person unable or unwilling to quit arguing his point of view after being proven definitively wrong by no less than five other people." There are many places where proven idiots aren't allowed to vote.