Loot, or lewts, is the collective term for ingame rewards that consist of material possessions12.

Types of Loot

The two most basic types of loot are 1) objects that directly aid the player, such as weapons, armor, and Gecola, and 2) monies, which a player can exchange for such items, often to compensate for holes left by the random nature of item distribution. However, generally the items a player buys or trades for are not considered loot, and neither are interactable ingame objects that enterprising players have found use for, but which were not intentionally designed to be useful. Similarly, quest items are generally not considered loot, even when they have a useful feature built in.

A third category of loot, which is not mutually exclusive with the other two categories is phat lewts. Though loot and lewts can typically be used interchangably, lewts is always used when the loot is phat. There is no absolute definition for when loot is phat or not; the term phat denotes a positive reaction to the loot in question, and it's generally agreed upon that phat lewts is loot that is especially useful or desirable compared to the effort taken to get it. This makes phat lewts a somewhat subjective term, though still useful in expressing one's feelings toward certain loot.

Obtaining Loot

By definition and design, loot is almost always obtained by overcoming ingame obstacles3 After killing an enemy, loot will often appear on the ground beside their bodies (something referred to as a, "Loot Drop," or simply, "Drop.") Loot may also be offered as part or all of a quest reward, or it may be found in locations containing a lot of enemies, sometimes hidden or past a skippable puzzle, as a way of rewarding exploration. Bosses generally give rarer and more plentiful loot, and many bosses give even more loot on top of that if players can defeat them by fulfilling certain conditions or willingly undertaking certain restrictions.