This is how it feels to drink something OTHER than Gencola

PC: Yes

Class: Mechanist

Personality: Powergamer, researches games for weeks before playing, cares little for lore or storytelling, hates PRETENTIOUS ART, has a large ego

Tactics: Uses minions, will deploy turrets and artillery. Refuses to do anything actually directly combat related herself. Maximizes DPS, minimizes anything not deemed otherwise necessary in order to increase DPS.

Countermeasures: Snipers

Quotes: "Ugh. Stupid"

"you cant see it but im flipping off at you"

"i will be the one…destroying everything."

Trivia: Doesn't want to talk about what happened to CC #002.

She was once highly embarrassed by the loss of a single button on one of her genshoes.

She has no qualms against using morally-questionable tactics and strategies.


Currently five exist within the story, but six have been made in total.

CC#001: Small Clockwork Crawler, Basic Buzzsaw. "RIPSHREDKILL!"
CC#002: Unknown size Clockwork Crawler, unknown equipment. "We… we don't talk about CC#002"
CC#003: Medium Clockwork Crawler, Gauss cannon. Unable to speak.
CC#004: Medium Clockwork Crawler, Tesla coil. Unable to speak.
HH#005: Small Hovering Harrier, Cyclic Crossbow. "That was so badass. Harrier solidarity."
HH#006, FILLER MINION: Small Hovering Harrier, some kind of twin-autocannon.

At one point MG was seen with CC's #001 and 003 building what appeared to be a small Clockwork crawler, Whether or not this was enlarged to become CC#004 or was CC#002 being repaired remains a mystery. It could not have been a fifth clockwork crawler, as the name of #005 belongs to MG's latest minion, a hovering harrier.

Recently, during the collapse of Castle Bane, MG was separated from her minions when she respawned. Their fates are unknown.