Monies are a medium of exchange used in the various Gengame worlds. Monies are the primary mode of exchange in these worlds, though certain services can only be bartered for. Items that are used primarily for barter (as opposed to having innate functional applications the players can utilize) are usually called quest items by the people who play the game. Generally the economy of quest items and monies are entirely separate; you cannot exchange something for monies if it is obtainable via a quest item, and vice versa. Monies are an especially important ingame commodity because they can be exchanged for Gencola. Because of this, monies should be obtained and hoarded in as much quantity as possible until such time as they can be exchanged for Gencola.

Obtaining Monies

Monies are most commonly obtained as part of the loot from defeating enemies, though other methods may (or may not!) grant larger returns. These include exchanging items for monies, certain quest rewards, and the different economic functions relating to the player's mechanofortress, armies, and lands. The players are also allocated a certain amount of monies at the start of the game.

Team Economics

Each team has a shared pool of monies. As a result, one player cannot hide or hoard funds from their teammates, but at the same time they may make large purchases without their teammates' consent. It is recommended that team members communicate clearly about what flavors of Gencola they want, and how to best spend their money obtaining Gencola for the maximum happiness of all concerned.