Now You Don't

PC: Yes
Class: Best known for playing Spies, nowucme also plays Thieves, Scouts, Heroes, and a variety of other stealth, skill, or genre-based classes.
Personality: One of the Great Five, he is not part of the current game. His personality is unknown.
Tactics: nowucme is one of the Great Five and uses a wide variety of tactics. His preferred tactic is to work alone, waiting until the situation is most to his advantage before striking with the element of surprise.
Countermeasures: Staying in groups and being ready for Traps and ambushes are the best ways to counter nowucme. However, since he is one of the Five, there are no proven tactics for defeating him.


Trivia: Another prolific guide writer, nowucme's style differs greatly from DrWutson. His guides are highly opinionated, occasionally bordering on outright rants. He dislikes listing specific strategies, believing instead that players should improvise and adapt to the situations they face, as a result his guides focus on general gameplay styles and philosophy, rather than specifics.