Offscreen Blindness
Everything Seems Safe.
Offscreen Blindness rears its ugly head on unsuspecting BH.

PC: No

Class: Game Mechanic

Personality: Offscreen Blindness is one of the most malevolent game mechanics in the game. It will gleefully cause the downfall of anyone it can lay its view on.

Tactics: Offscreen Blindness follows a character around and lulls them into a false sense of security. It then rapidly vanishes to give entities on the opposing side the view of its victim.

Countermeasures: It is recommended to max your zoom at regular intervals to remove its control.

"There must still be surprises, after all."


Trivia: In the short-lived, downloadable expansion Gengame Meta, Offscreen Blindness was an enemy that stayed beyond the line of sight. Ranged classes were able to kill it.