README For Editing

Hello all!

This is a very simple editor-friendly wiki, and we merely have a small list of guidelines and tips for editing. Check out the Templates section for predefined formats for certain recurring types of pages, like those representing characters ("people") etc. Then take a look at the definitions for "Finished" Pages and Unfinished Pages. In summary, "Finished" pages are for things which are mostly done but may need proofreading, and Unfinished Pages are for things which are left clearly needing more work.

As a final tip, remember that the Site Tools at the bottom of each page can help you find things to do. Our wiki editors aren't afraid to make links to pages that don't exist yet (you should be similarly bold). If you click on "Site Tools" it makes a little mini-menu. Click on "Wanted Pages" and it will give you a list of pages we've made links to that don't exist yet, so that you can make them yourself! Just remember to file them appropriately into the top bar when you're done.

To place a page into the top bar (or move it from one drop-down to another) simply click on the "Edit Top Bar" option in the top bar and then edit in your link like it was a normal page (follow the bullet format provided).

That's pretty much all there is to it. If you have questions for a particular page, remember that down at the bottom by the "Site Tools" is the "Discuss" button for posting comment threads. Beyond that, happy editing!