Lord Funkmaster the Funky, seventh and boogiest of the guardians of Drawbridge Bane, displays his adeptness with rhythm.

If you wished to see the less funky rhythm that Blademasters make use of, click here.

Some people have it, some people gotta find it, but rhythm can't be learned, its gotta be felt. Rhythm it comes from the music, but when the music die down the rhythm don't leave you, it sticks with you through your day, during your trials, and you know the next beat is always coming soon. When you really feel the music its the rhythm that guide your feet, your hands, your body, and though you never learned a time signature or know syncopation, you know rhythm as well as anyone while you're feeling it. The rhythm is not the song, but its the bridge to the song, the key to unlock it and the skeleton that supports it. You don't know the rhythm and you don't know nothing.

History: Rhythms been around here forever. Been here since the first raindrop fell, since the first wave washed up on the first beach, since the first star ignited and its flames flicker. Rhythms apart of us, apart of all things. Rhythm is.

Uses: Being outrageously funky. Holding the funk and carrying it with you everywhere you go. Mastering the funk and realizing it was inside you the whole time.

Trivia: We're called funkmasters, but we don't master the funk, we just go with the rhythm, and it takes us to a smooth, funky place.