Rogues are the lowest level enemy in the game. They are the only creatures that populate the mechanofortress when players spawn there, and most of the time they are the first enemy a player will fight in the game. Rogues are fairly weak, and rarely offer any challenge to experienced players. However, for beginners they provide an introduction to the basics of the game, in which they can explore their character's capabilities without being in serious danger. MOM encourages the players to defeat the rogues in a manner that is perhaps uncomfortably zealous.

Gun Rogues

A room in the mechanofortress that's filled with rogues.

These rogues have a weak ranged attack that deals one damage. They have only one hit point.

Boxer Rogues

A sleight upgrade from the gun rogues, boxer rogues have, instead of a gun, two spiked fists that they can use for a melee attack. They still only deal one damage, but they have twice as many hit points as their gun-based brethren.

Boss Rogues

Boss rogues are several orders of magnitude tougher than their fellows; thankfully only one is found in the mechanofortress. Players are given alternate options to defeat it, such as a cannon located in the same room. However, experienced players rarely bother with such strategies, and usually just opt to defeat it using conventional means.