Rune Bear

PC: No

Shadowbear: Yes


Tactics: Will wait for opponents to attack first, dodge, and use swipecasting to neutralize the threat. Despite being a larger version of the shadowbear with magic, it will not brainlessly shuffle towards their enemies. Will steal any Quest Items not carefully guarded and run away.1

The Runebear is specially attuned to Ice Magic and Shadow Magic, as well as the innate bear-affinity it has for being a Shadowbear (which was manually added by a shoddy patch as shadowbears predate unit types). With lots of magical capital Runebears are also able to cause an intersection between the Plane of Shadow and the Plane of Bear to create shadowbear minions en mass.

Countermeasures: Either avoid combat altogether, use ranged attacks, or hit it with rapid accurate attacks before it can react.

Quotes: "Rooaar!"

Trivia: Seems to specialize in ice and shadow magic.