The spy class is adept at stealth, subterfuge, sabotage, and intrigue. Though unable to bring as much direct power to bear as most other classes, the spy has a variety of subtle and, often, subtly powerful abilities that allow it to level the field before the fight even starts. It is often maligned as one of the weakest classes in the game, but notably the legendary player nowucme has made great use of the spy, and prefers the class over all others. Spies are one of the five basic classes.

Unlocked From:

The start.


Spy BH suavely adjusts her tie.

The most obvious use for the spy is as an information gatherer using the various stealth/disguise skills in the spy's repertoire. However, there are many other functions a spy can fulfill. The same qualities that make it good at information gathering make it good for sabotage and, if used properly, can send an enemy's forces into disarray. (This is in opposition to classes like the Truthseer, which in general has a greater ability to gather information, but its ability do do so does not, in general, allow it to affect the enemy directly.) In combat the spy is a direct combatant, though it is generally used to give support to classes that are better able to handle direct combat.


Points of Action/Suave: One of the most versatile and potent abilities of the spy is its ability to gain action/suave points. Action points are done by performing cool or cinematic maneuvers, while suave points are gained by acting cool, most commonly in the form of suave one-liners in combat. Suave and action points can be spent on a variety of abilities, with more powerful abilities requiring the use of more points.

Genre Grid: The genre grid consists of several, "genres," or modes that the spy can switch freely between in order to provide a mechanical emphasis on different abilities. For example, the suave spy, a starting genre, gives a spy access to stealth and disguises, where the other starting genre, the action agent, renders the spy unable to stealth but allows the spy to act more as a primary combatant. The spy unlocks more genres as they progress in levels, but the way these new genres are determined is unclear. Each Genre is based around either Action or Suave.

Spy Genres

Wristwatch Hookshot: It's a watch combined with a pressurized grappling hook. What's not to get?

Spytastic Superglue: Sticks basically anything to anything. Spies start out with ten uses.


Quick and overwhelming attacks. A spy can't handle direct combat for very long, and is unlikely to survive a dedicated direct assault. They can turn things around if allowed to build up suave or action, though, so a quick kill is the most desirable.


The spy is the favored class of the legendary player nowucme. Those who favor following the advice of anything contained in a guide have trouble playing the Spy class.


BH is a Spy.