Thought Interface

This is NOT a WASD or keyboard game. GenGame uses a state-of-the-art thought-based neural interface. Just think and your actions will be carried out. Try not to actually move and bump your desk, or worse, your power cord.

The interface works by way of the GenGame Controller Helmet. While worn, the helmet automatically connects itself to several key nerves on your head and dapens their connectivity to the rest of your body, reading the signals your mind puts out itself while limiting the effects those signals have on your physical body. Any statements that this technique may lead to health complications or permanent neural damage and disability are false. Any suggestions that this form of neural intervention may allow for future exploitative mind control are false.

The knack of using the GenGame Controller Helmet is somewhat subtle, and some players pick up on the tricks right away, while others struggle, often for hours. The general idea is that instead of doing things, like moving or talking, you think about doing things. The trick is that you can't think about performing actions, you have to actually perform them, but not actually perform them or you'll move in real life and slam into your desk or something. You sort of have to think-do things, not actually doing things but not just thinking about them either. Simple, right?