Unlocked From: ???

This class gets to distribute it's other class features amongst members of certain other classes. While technically a minion based class, it can only have a single minion at a time.
It is considered utterly useless without the aid of at least a Biomancer, Mechanist, and one other minion based class. They have very situational abilities, and can't do much other than continuously upgrade existing devices, being almost unable to create their own. However, if they never leave the mechanofortress, they can be very formidable.

Ability transfer
design drawer
Tool Driver

Countermeasures: The Tinkertrons have very few defenses. "The best defense is a quick offense" is both their school of thought, and the school of thought anyone thinking of taking one down should have. And a Tinkertron that has left it's mechanofortress is a dead Tinkertron.